Alzheimer is an alarming disease now a days. Since the death of comic actor Gene Wilder, people had been waiting for an outburst of the solutions with possible boost of drugs for the disease.

Alzheimer is a chronical disease, it causes thinking disorder and eventually effects the behavior.

People suffering from this disease tends to forget little details of even the every day routines and this symptom gets severe with time and starts effecting the daily routine’s small details.

Alzheimer In Seniors

A person suffering from Alzheimer must be taken a good care of and must be under the care of a person or the nurse all the time as the disease can cause a life-threatening call. It can also be considered as memory loss in general form.

This issue is not usually a call for aging but is found in the people who are 65 or older. In the early stages, the memory loss is majorly the little, but worsens with time to the extent that he stops recognizing the other person, or forgets to carry on a conversation, even sometimes forget to carry on daily routine activities.


As such there is no particular cure for Alzheimer but the studies and research still continue, which helps out with the symptoms and with the solutions of how to help out the patient.

The medicines can reduce the worsening of dementia but cannot stop it completely. According to various studies, Alzheimer is caused due to the formation of lumps of proteins causing protein plaques or tangles.

These tangles cause a blockage in the brain and forms a hurdle to send the messages to the body. This effects the whole nervous system.

After lots of study aducanumab 4 was introduced which has marking effects over the solutions of Alzheimer.

The dosage of the same were given to different groups of people in the different amount for about 54 weeks to see the most effective amount of dosage. one group was given the fake dosage of the fake version of drug to see if the effect was only psychological playing with patient’s mind or the true drug’s effect.

People who took the proper dosage as recommended reduced the amount of plaques by a great percentage, though there we side effects usually the mild ones like headache and urine infection.