Every individual who wants to get fit can achieve this goal by using kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebells are unique. Their closest relatives are dumbbells. However, they are unlike dumbbells in the sense that they work the body harder and target many more muscles despite being so simple.

Kettlebells can be swung, twisted, pushed, pulled, or lifted to lose weight, to become stronger, to get leaner, and/ or to build power.

In my opinion, every home gym should have at least two or three kettlebells of different weights.

Apart from targeting more muscles and working the body harder, kettlebells are also less straining on the wrists than many other types of equipment including dumbbells.

In this post, I will show you the importance of kettlebell deadlifts and other kettlebell deadlifts and why you need to start doing them like yesterday.

Kettlenell Exercises Workout

What Muscles Do Kettlebell Deadlifts Work?

Before I begin yammering about different kettlebell deadlift exercises, I think it is important to share with you the muscles worked.

Knowing the muscles that will be worked will tell you quickly whether you really want to do kettlebell deadlifts.

Without further ado, here is the information:

  1. Kettlebell deadlifts are like normal deadlifts in terms of primary muscles worked. They particularly work the back muscles, the quads, the gluteus, hamstrings, and calves. They also strengthen and tone the core muscles and the upper back muscles.
  2. Kettlebell deadlifts also workout other muscles around the body. The secondary muscles worked include the upper back, the calves, and the abs.

In short, kettlebell deadlift exercises are for you if you really want to train your lower body muscles and to strengthen your core.

Best Kettlebell Deadlift Workouts

There are a variety of kettlebell deadlift exercises. Below, I describe some of the most popular ones.

  1. Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift

This is one of the toughest and most straining kettlebell exercises. It is perfect for developing leg strength and overall power and stability.

To do it, hold the kettlebell on one side. And then lift the leg on the opposite side. While keeping your standing leg slightly bent at the knee, bend your hip to do a stiff leg deadlift.

Move down to the point where you are horizontal to the ground before coming back up.

Repeat severally to complete a good set.

  1. Double Kettlebell Deadlift

The double kettlebell deadlift exercise is the holy grail of kettlebell exercises in my opinion. I say this because it exercises and adds muscles to many manly and often underworked muscles and muscle groups.

The muscles include hamstrings, the back, glutes, and hips.

The exercise also builds the core and increases strength and power.

To do it, start with the kettlebell positioned between your legs and ankles. To perform the exercise, lift the equipment through the ground with your armpits tucked in.

This will ensure that you use and work the manly muscles mentioned above.

  1. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

This exercise is called the sumo deadlift not because it is commonly done by the Japanese wrestlers but because its starting position is similar to the most common sumo wrestling starting position.

Assume the sumo position to begin by pushing back your hips to grab then pushing upwards and forward. Push up through your body and don’t engage your back for maximum results.

Don’t let the kettlebell rest on the floor when it reaches down, just tap it and lift through your body.

Benefits of Doing Kettlebell Exercises

  1. They are fat burners: Some researchers think that kettlebell deadlifts and other exercises can burn over 500 calories in a single training session. This is massive especially for those seeking to get lean or lose a couple of pounds.
  2. Lots of flexibility: With a kettlebell, you have the flexibility of doing over ten different exercises. So doing kettlebell exercises doesn’t usually get boring.
  3. Lots of target muscles: If you are feeling unfit or you want to train many lower body muscles in a single training session, try kettlebell exercises especially double leg deadlifts; they will blast off your large muscles to smithereens.
  4. They have cardiovascular benefits: Although kettlebells are weights, they do have a lot of cardiovascular benefits. They get the heart pumping and active because they are very high intensity.
  5. They are relatively safe compared to barbell deadlifts.


Kettlebells are super weights. They test the body in so many ways and come with many fitness benefits.

You can use the weights to gain strength, lose weight, build fitness, improve cardiovascular fitness, and to become more powerful.

Kettlebell deadlifts are some of the most popular kettlebell exercises. Include them to realize even faster success in your fitness objectives for this year.