We all know how common heart diseases are all over the world. The heart problems are not limited to a particular age group but is common in any of the age group. Heart failure and heart strokes being the most common issues amongst all and the most critical ones. Heart strokes are so chronicle that a person might even lose his life.

According to a survey around 38% of patients lost their lives due to a heart stroke.

Even though the heart attacks might be the major and leading causes of death, but this does not imply that you have to agree to the factor as your ill fate. There is nothing in this world that might cause a threat to your life and you cannot avoid it.

There is always up to a degree to which you can prevent the cause. If some of your relative went through this problem, your dad, or grandfather/grandmother, you would know there are little chances of you going through the same, as genes and therefore you must take care of it in advance.

There are several ways, how one can prevent heart attacks:

Do Not smoke or avoid the intake of tobacco:


Smoking or intake of tobacco has come across of being the most significant cause of heart diseases. The chemicals used to manufacture tobacco blocks the blood vessels of the heart causing the narrow arteries due to the tangles occurred.

This blockage ultimately leads to heart attack. A person who has such blockage of the heart vessels sometimes might have to go through the heart surgery.

The carbon monoxide which is present in the smoke content of the cigarette replaces the oxygen molecules from the blood causing the high blood pressure forcing the heart to overdo the work of higher level of oxygen to the body.

Once you decide to quit smoking the heart issues tends to reduce rapidly and the level of coronary heart disease axiomatically went down after a year of quitting.

Prevention Of Heart Disease

Eat a heart healthy diet:

The daily diet plays a major role in taking care of the issues you might face in future. A person must take care of the cholesterol level significantly if he wants to stay safe from the heart related issues.

A person must go with Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension diet plans and switch to fruits, vegetable and whole grain diet from spicy and oily food.

Must have full fat dairy products and red meat is the best source of energy for the healthy heart. You must have these up to five to six percent in your daily diet and avoid fries, bakery products, margarines etc.

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