Both an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS), Dianabol as its brand name is a complex compound known to pharmacists and chemists as metandienone / methandienone / methandrostenolone and is quite a popular supplement for most bodybuilders for its strong physically-altering effects.

As an androgenic steroid, it increases the levels of male testosterone in the body thereby transforming it into a more muscular build.  As an anabolic steroid, it induces the breakdown of compounds to create more energy.

It is a controlled substance in the US and the UK, but remains an over-the-counter drug in Mexico and the rest of Asia.

The reasons for the restricted access to Dianabol are partly due to the strength of the manufacturing of chemical compound, and primarily because of the range of side effects it brings.

The substance comes in many brand names – more than 30 to be exact – but the most common ones are Anabol, Danabol, Methandon, Reforvit-B, and Vetanabol.

What are the primary effects of Dianabol to the body?

Most Dianabol-containing steroidal supplements deliver the same effects to the human body.  The main consequences to taking this substance are attributed to the physiological and chemical components of the Dianabol.

The external changes include:

(1) increase in muscle mass and strength, and sex drive due to increases in the levels of the male hormone, testosterone, in the body;

(2) increased rates of fat loss due to the increased testosterone levels that help to build more muscle;

(3) elevated nitrogen levels retained in the muscles so that the muscles become more massive in less amounts of time; and (4) significant strength gains because of higher levels of testosterone in the body overall;

The internal outcomes involve

(1) enhanced tissue-repairing properties because of the substance’s ability to synthesize proteins faster, making one recover from workouts quicker;

(2) enhanced performance and stamina under rigorous training because of the increased flow of oxygen brought about by the upsurge of red blood cells in the body; and (3) higher levels of energy and lowered fatigue due to more energy from testosterone.

What are the side effects or dangers of using Dianabol?

As with any hormone-like substances, Dianabol has documented side effects that can generally be characterized as extremely masculine or feminine.

Because it is all together androgenic (masculine), anabolic (energy-giving), and estrogenic (feminine), the range of consequences in taking Dianabol is quite broad.

There are mild to extreme cases brought about by overdose of Dianabol, and one has to be circumspect if deciding to make this supplement a permanent constituent in one’s fitness plan.

Non-serious side effects include (1) acne breakouts, (2) disrupted or irregular sleeping patterns, (3) excessive hair growth in unwanted areas, and (4) water retention in several parts of the body including the face.

The more moderate changes include both physical and psychological such as (1) development of man boobs or gynecomastia, (2) baldness in males, (3) depression, (4) shrinking of the testicles or testicular atrophy, and (5) increased irritability and aggression.

Serious to detrimental consequences of taking Dianabol above the prescribed dosage or in more frequent cases include:

(1) increased high blood pressure that puts the bodybuilder at risk of a heart attack or stroke,

(2) liver cirrhosis or damage that may lead to liver cancer,

(3) infertility or the inability to produce sperm,

(4) decreased levels of the prostate gland to produce testosterone independent of the substance,

(5) upsurge of levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, and

(6) a general weakening of the heart muscles due to overwork.

Safe Alternatives for Dianabol

D-Bal and D-Bal Max are two Dianabol alternatives that have been reviewed safe, natural and legal.  Both can be purchased from and have shown potent effects in building body mass, particularly lean mass.

D-Bal increases strength and stamina while raising the nitrogen levels in the muscles for enhanced repair and retention.  As mentioned above, with a high-nitrogen level retention in muscles comes the equivalent rapid protein synthesis that aids in muscle repair and consequentially unrestricted workout performance.

D-Bal Max also builds up muscle and tissues in less the time it takes for other Dianabol products to do so.  Both these products are taken for 30 days alongside a well-planned workout regime.

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