DBOL – as what is Dianabol is popularly known is a synthetic steroid which helps in building muscles and gaining strength. First introduced in 50’s but gained its fame in 70’s being fairly used by bodybuilders and athletes.

Using DBOL requires for such an individual to have ample knowledge regarding the products to be taken for it surely does have its own pros and cons. One might be lucky to have what he wished for but not for everybody if you are yet a starter. Does a cycle is made to guide.

Beginner’s DBOL cycle should only have compounds that has short active life in your body. With this, chemicals can easily clear if ever side effects or discomforts took place and so thus the cycle depends on how your body reacts with the steroids.

Oral based steroid cycles are good for newbies than the injectables for its limited anabolic compounds and doses as well as its cycle. Limited compounds mean the lesser you take and the lesser you take, the easier for you to cease it if you have come to have problems with the product.

While injectable based steroids allow you to have a variety and a wide range of steroids. So, it would be more convenient for a guidance of a friend or a person who is well oriented with it to avoid problems.

DIANABOL (DBOL) or “diana” as it is called is the most popular oral steroid for starters in muscle building but can only be used in a limited time because of its side effects both androgenic and oestrogenic. This product is famously known for it is cheapest than other anabolic steroids yet very effective.

The common dose for dianabol is 30-50mg each day which usually lasted between 4 and 6 weeks. Having a short half-life, the user must split the dosage in a day to have a stable blood concentration and is advised to take the drug with meal to avoid any other minor side effects such as an upset stomach.

Water retention is the most common effects being noticed with dianabol therefore, oestrogenic side effects occur as well together with androgenic side effects such as male pattern baldness, acne and oily skin.

After gaining and reaching the goal of having the desired body built, one must take into consideration to have a post cycle therapy (PCT) to stabilized and restore the user’s hormones back to normal.

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Here is a guide of Dianabol Cycle

Week 1: 30mg

Week 2: 30mg

Week 3: 30mg

Week 4: 30mg

Week 5: 30mg

Week 6: PCT

Week 7: PCT

Week 8: PCT

WINSTROL is one of the oral based steroid which is widely used for those who have a carefully researched beginner cycle user for it has a steadier gain in muscle mass compared to the other products and no oestrogenic side effects to be thinking of. Yet, with winstrol, results are more defined because of the absence of the water retention from it.

The commonly known downside of this product is that it directly affects the liver. It is structurally formed to be bio-available and that is not advised to take any alcohol while using it.

Winstrol should be taken orally daily with the dose of 40-80mg in 5-6 weeks duration. This is fairly used to preserve lean muscle tissues.

Here is a guide of a cycle for winstrol.

Week 1: 50mg daily

Week 2: 50mg daily

Week 3: 50mg daily

Week 4: 50mg daily

Week 5: 50mg daily

Week 6: PCT

Week 7: PCT

Week 8: PCT

TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE is another drug used for beginner’s. It has an active life of two weeks and one can obtain a slower release of testosterone.

Though testosterone is extremely effective, androgenic and oestrogenic side effects are also highly expected when taking the drugs. Fluid retention, acne and oily skin are more common while aggressiveness and breast tissue formation are possible as well.

Here is a guide of a cycle for testosterone enanthate.

Week 1: 500mg weekly

Week 2: 500mg weekly

Week 3: 500mg weekly

Week 4: 500mg weekly

Week 5: 500mg weekly

Week 6: 500mg weekly

Week 7: 500mg weekly

Week 8: 500mg weekly

Week 9: 500mg weekly

Week 10: 500mg weekly

Week 11: –

Week 12: –

Week 13: PCT

Week 14: PCT

Week 15: PCT

Those are just some of the few guides in taking anabolic steroids.

But, every individual must be religiously responsible upon taking those drugs or better yet try to build the body they desire to have in a more natural and healthy way to avoid health complications and live their lives happily with longevity.