It has proven medical significance in the treatment of respiratory disorders like asthma in human beings, and also veterinary use for breathing diseases in horses.

In humans, it is present in both decongestants or products that relive nasal congestion and in bronchodilators or equipment that clears the bronchi passageways to alleviate breathing.

What are the effects of Clenbuterol to the body?

Generally, there are two reasons for using Clenbuterol in humans and animals.  The first is mentioned above when the substance serves its medicinal purposes well.  The second is for its powerful fat loss properties.

Clenbuterol is very potent for stimulating the metabolic process in the body by increasing its thermogenic state or temperature.  This heat-induced fat loss enhances any weight loss program or exercise regime so effectively that Clenbuterol has been found more effective a fat loss substance than ephedrine.

Combined with a proper diet, the way Clenbuterol raises metabolic energy is by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure of the user.

In which popular forms does Clenbuterol come?

Clenbuterol comes in various formats, but the two most common are oral and liquid forms.  Administration of the liquid form can vary from diluting into drinks to using as eye drops.

If the liquid is placed under the tongue, it will be much more potent than taking Clenbuterol in pill form.

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How does Clenbuterol reduce weight?

The keywords are fatty acid oxidation.  When you have essentially a whole battalion of enzymes like protein kinase A regulating sugar, lipid and glycogen (all derived from carbohydrates and sugar-rich food) in the body, the fat gets burned and transformed into energy so easily that constant weight loss is seen over weeks or months.

While all of this fat burning process is happening, Clenbuterol also growths the body’s skeletal mass.  With rigorous exercise and a meal plan that has mostly protein sources and fewer carbohydrates, one would notice muscles looking leaner and toner.

Women taking Clenbuterol should remember that their overall weight, muscle and skeletal mass are less than that of men’s, the dosage and duration must be regulated to 20-80 micrograms and two weeks, respectively. For natural alternative and safer weight loss and muscle gaining supplements or stack, many people in gyms swear by crazy bulk online products!

Why is Clenbutanol good for losing weight?

Following a normal to a strict body workout regimen can be supplemented by the intake of Clenbuterol because it increases stamina, endurance and accelerates muscle repair like any other.

Apart form these Clenbuterol protects the respiratory and circulatory organs such as the lungs and heart, respectively, from over-fatigue.

While other weight loss pills actually increase the risk of one’s heart and lungs from overwork, Clenbuterol regulates heart rate and breathing rate fluctuations.  In fact, Clenbuterol can be taken with regular multivitamins and minerals available in the market.

Are there any side effects in taking Clenbutarol?

The mild side effects of using Clenbuterol include (1) insomnia, (2) headaches, (3) excessive appetite, (4) nervousness or shaking of the hands or other extremities, (5) nausea, (6) excessive sweating, and (7) dehydration or thirst.

The moderately serious consequences of taking this drug involve (1) palpitations, (2) elevated blood pressure, (3) muscular cramps, (4) vomiting, (5) anxiety, and (6) addiction.

Finally, the detrimental outcomes to continued use or overdose of Clenbuterol include (1) increased heart rate, (2) cardio muscular hypertrophy, or (3) heart attacks.

Safe Alternatives for Clenbuterol

Recent reviews of Clenbuterol alternatives put 2 legal products from and HGH.  Clenbutrol is formulated to deliver the same results discussed above – quicken fat loss, increase lean mass, and enhance stamina…

…in the natural, safe way. 

This brand combines Clenbuterol with 4 other naturally-occurring compounds namely, Garcinia Cambogia (in certain tropical berries indigenous to Indonesia), Nicotinamide, Citrus Aurantium (found in oranges) and Guarana Extract (a Brazilian fruit).

The main ingredient in this formula comes from cayenne pepper and Tribulus Terrestris (the bindii plant from North America).  Their product not only enhances strength and stamina, but also increases sexual drive with intake of only 2 pills per day.

When it comes to weight loss programs, one needs to consider the pros and cons of taking supplements to augment the fitness plan.  Considering the side effects will give one a better chance at choosing the right fat loss pill for maximum results.